Our LITE290 at the Craft Bike Days Show 2022

Wow! What an event.

First of all we want to say a big thank you to the organizers of DT Swiss, who brought the 2022 edition
of the Craft Bike Days to life. A super organized event waited for us in Beelen.
Unfortunately we were unable to participate last year due to illness. So we wanted to bring a very special bike to life this year.

So we thought about a great show bike. But more about that later.

The Craft Bike Days itself has the goal of getting young and small companies with great innovative power together to debate, philosophize and of course network.
In the end, 30 companies from a total of 7 different countries exhibited their bikes at the Craft Bike Day Show.
Everything kind of bike was shown, from gravel bikes to enduros and long-distance bikes – the show could fill the needs of any rider.
In addition to talking with other manufacturers the two-day event was also peppered with workshops that offered us great value.

We absolutely appreciated the open communication of the brands and loved to meet so many great people here in Beelen.

For this we want to thank the organizers DT Swiss | Ergon | MTB News from the bottom of our hearts! Great to be part of this show.

CrossWorx LITE290
Craft Edition

But what kind of bike did we actually bring to Beelen?

We build our Craft Edition with the latest Intend parts, eye-catching Onza Porc tires, DT Swiss wheels and
further noble Parts. An absolute eye-catcher and especially with the mint Cerakote coating.
Even at a event like the Craft Days our bike really stood out of the crowd. We have adapted the Cerakote coating especially for the fair and is currently an unique frame.

Feel free to check out the article of the guys from MTB News – there you’ll also find a small interview of our founder Chris and Michael from MTB News about the new LITE.

If that’s not enough, Johannes Herden from MTB News did a great job on his camera! Check it out!

LITE290 presentation on MTB News including an interview by our Founder Chris

Interested in our new LITE290?

Then take a closer look at our product page and configure your LITE here!

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