The CW Dash is a purebred enduro bullet. Thanks to its central and low shock position it has an excellent center of gravity and is thus fully on the trail in every riding situation. Due to its long reach and steep seat angle it sits or stands very centrally in the wheel which offers best riding characteristics uphill and downhill.

The CW Dash was developed as a linked single pivot swing-arm making it simple and effective at the same time. The linkage is located compactly direct under the shock. All cables are laid in the frame and run as straight as any other bike on the market.

Currently the CW Dash is still under prototype status and will continue to be tested until the winter of 2018. Nevertheless we gladly accept requests for this!






















  • Black matt, powder-coated
  • Raw

Delivery content 

  • 1x CW thru axle
  • 2x CW hanger
  • 4x Frame plug
  • 3x Foam casing