Our CrossWorx Cycles Dash goes into the second round. For a long time it was quiet around us- but now we are more than satisfied with the result. Some things take their time.

CrossWorxCycles Dash [CrossWorxCycles Team Edition]

The CW Dash is a purebred Enduro weapon – designed, built and welded in the heart of Germany.

The heart of the Dash is hidden in the linkage and is not directly recognizable.
Due to the low damper position, the Dash impresses with its excellent center of gravity it behaves well on the trail and in any driving situation.

The Dash got some serious changes for the 2020 season. We’ve updated the Dash to a metric damper, boost dropouts, new and stiffer swingarm and off course a longer lasting bearing arrangement. But there are some more great details to find on our now production-ready prototype.

Due to the new design, we were able to generate space and rigidity on the rear of the Dash. The PM180 mount is elegantly hidden behind the chainstays and are safe against any beatings on the trail.

The millings in the damper area look smart and by the way they also lower the frame weight. A bearing or shock change is even easier now.

We have maintained the concept of the Dash across all stages – simple and effective just convinced us. The linkage remains at the lowest center of gravity of the wheel.
The 160 mm suspension travel are provided by a metric damper in the length 230 x 65 mm.

All cables are laid inside the frame and run as straight as possible to run smooth over time.
The new shock mount looks pretty clean and now both screws to fix the shock have the same size.

Neue 4-Punkt – Dämpferaufnahme für eine bessere Krafteinleitung in das Unterrohr.

Nearly two years of hard testing, countless races, lots of sweat and effort have flowed into our Dash frame. But with a little patience, you will soon be able to hold a great, manufactured and welded frame, especially with the quality feature Made in Germany.


  M LXLMullet 29"/27,5"
A - Oberrohrlänge603635668 
B - Reach440470500
C - Lenkwinkel65°64°
D - Sitzwinkel75°74°
E - Steuerrohrlänge110120 130
F - Kettenstrebenlänge430
G - Radstand119712311265
H - Tretlagerabsenkung136
I - Sitzrohrlänge430460490
K - Gabellänge563567
L - Stack605614623
M - Überstand771781786

Linkage Ratio:


GrößenM, L, XL
MaterialAluminium 7020
Federweg Vorn/Hinten170mm / 160mm
Dämpfermaß230x65 / 22,2x8mm
SteuersatzdurchmesserZS 44/56
TretlagermaßeBSA 73mm
BremsmontagestandardPM 180
Nabenbreite Hinterrad148x12mm
Dropper Post ReadyJa
max. Reifenfreiheit27,5 x 2,5"
Gewicht (Roh, Größe L)3,8kg


  • 1x CW floating axle
  • 2x CW derailleur hanger
  • 4x Frame Plug
  • 3x foam covers

Price and configurations

Configuration 1 – Colour: 

  • Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Raw, Black (+0 €)
  • Special color (+100 €)

Configuration 2 – Size:

  • Size M, L, XL (Geometry facts see below)

Configuration 3 – Rear Shock:

  • without shock (+0 €)
  • Fox FLOAT DPX2 (+450 €)
  • Fox FLOAT X2 2POS (+500 €)
  • Intend Hover (+750 €)

*All pictures by Gregor Sinn

And for all those of us who can not get enough of the Dash:

FOX DPX2 – 230 x 65mm travel – the choice of the CWC Enduro Team.