Please select “Advance Payment” during the “Payment Method” step and conclude your order.

You will receive our bank details and the order number on our sales confirmation e-mail.

Please transfer the entire amount to the specified account upon receipt of the sales confirmation specifying the order number.

You are responsible for paying any transfer costs and bank charges.
We will send your order as soon we have received payment in our account – provided the articles are available for shipment.


You also have the option of using PayPal as a payment method.

With the payment by Paypal we connect an accelerated release for the production and delivery of your order. You will receive a link to the payment request with the delivery of the order confirmation.

Cash on delivery (only Germany)

The quickest and easiest payment method is cash on delivery (COD). You pay the invoice amount directly to the DHL courier upon delivery. The advantage is that the items leave our warehouse as soon as they are available for shipment. DHL charges a cash on delivery fee regardless of the amount of the invoice. The limit for payment by cash on delivery is €3,500.00, including all charges and shipping costs. If you reside outside of Germany, cash on delivery is unfortunately not possible.

We also charge an additional fee of €4.40 as a processing fee for payment via cash on delivery.