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29’’ wheels | 140 mm of travel

Our Light E-Bike TRIP290 with 140 mm of travel. With unbeatable agility, responsive acceleration, and a low overall weight, you will master even the most technical trails both uphill and downhill. With discreet support from the motor, your next ride will become an experience without limits. Discover trails that you wouldn’t reach with a conventional bike. Discover the TRIP290 now and experience electrifying freedom on two wheels!


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nimble & agile

With the TRIP290, we are stepping onto the stage of Light-EBikes after nearly 2 years of development. Good things take time – but now it’s here!

Our TRIP290 features 140 mm of rear travel, enhanced by a 210 x 55 mm shock, delivering impressive suspension performance from the rear.


Steep seat angle, low bottom bracket, low center of gravity

Our genes and experiences from the past years on the bike and on racetracks around the world have directly influenced the development of our E-MTB. Over the past 1.5 years, we have developed an E-Bike that unmistakably bears our signature. Fine milling marks, a timeless and modern design, and a steep seat angle that you’ll love when climbing!

And a clean look


The TRIP, like all our bikes, features internal cable routing for a clean and tidy look, with the cables discreetly hidden in the downtube.

This is especially important for an E-Bike – we offer the TRIP as a frame kit and make cable routing as easy as possible.

Available in any RAL color you can imagine or in our durable Radiant Raw finish.

Bosch SX

A light E-Bike needs a lightweight motor that is just as sporty. At only 2 kilograms, the SX is the perfect motor for those who want to ride sportively, enjoy some fast descents, or unwind with leisurely evening rides.

With a rated power of 600 watts, it pushes you confidently up the mountain. Going downhill, the Trip feels like a nimble trail bike with plenty of reserves. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Bosch PowerMore Unit 250Wh

We’ve tested it! Depending on the support mode, you have the choice between 80 to 100 km with nearly 1000 meters of elevation gain in Eco mode, or 30 kilometers at full throttle in Turbo mode with corresponding elevation gain. That’s easily enough for your next after-work ride or weekend outing.

If your weekend adventures require more mileage, you can get an additional 250 Wh from the PowerMore unit placed in front of the shock, or alternatively, mount a second water bottle.

progressive rear suspension

Our new kinematics design for the Trip290 continues to build upon our favored concept of a supported single pivot linkage.

Key innovation: The shock is now compression loaded. This reduces bearing forces, increases bending stiffness, and is perfectly adapted to the demands of E-Bikes, without adding unnecessary weight.

The space-optimized linkage also accommodates coil shocks!

with sag indicator

The TRIP290 is packed with clever detail solutions. For example, our sag indicator on the rocker link makes setting up your suspension easier. The position of the linkage to the pushrod shows you the current sag used on the Trip. All linkages and bearings are easily accessible.

With our double-sealed bearings, you’ll also notice that even after many hours in the saddle, you’ll always enjoy your time on the Trip.

3D Printed Battery Cover

Not everyone has the option to bring their bike inside their home or apartment. For these reasons, it was extremely important for us to make the battery removable.
Secure and user-friendly, the 3D printed “CROSSWORX” cover reliably protects the Trip’s battery.

PS: Of course, there’s the option to simply order a spare battery and go for another round right away.
But that requires quite a bit of stamina and time.


Material Aluminium 7020
Travel front / rear 140mm or 150mm / 140mm
Shock / Bushing size 210×55 / 22,2x8mm
Drivesystem Bosch Performance Line SX
seat tube diameter 30,9mm
seat clamp diameter 34,9mm
Headset ZS 44/56
Brake PM 180
max. brake disc size 203 mm
Rear hub width 12 x 148 mm
Bottle cage 2
Ranger Extender Yes, 250 WH
Dropper Post Ready Yes
Max tire width 29″ x 2,4″
Weight  (Raw, Size M) – Frame 3,95 Kg
Weight  (Raw, Size M) – Framekit incl. Motor 8,35 Kg
Weight Bike
(Raw, Größe M)
starting at 18,5 Kg


Body Height 165 – 177,5 cm 175 – 187,5 cm 185 – 197,5 cm
A – Horizontal Tube Length 559  588 620
B – Reach 450 480 510
C – Steering Angle 65°
D – Seat Angle 79°
E – Head Tube Length 120 120 130
F – Chain Stay Length 450
G – Wheel Base 1229 1259 1293
H – Bottom Bracket Drop 40
I – Seat Tube Length 380 425 465
J – seatpost offset 13
K – Fork Length 551
L – Stack 628 628 637
M – Standover 784 785 789
max. seatpost insert 191 236 276

*All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated.



Which bottle holders can be used on the TRIP290?

Especially with a range extender or a second battery, you’ll be on the saddle for a long time. That’s why we’ve equipped the TRIP with two bottle holder options. You have the option to attach a bottle holder to the underside of the top tube or position a 450 ml bottle in front of the shock absorber, or alternatively place the range extender there.

What does the Radiant Raw color mean?

Frames in Radiant Raw color are really raw, without clear coating.

The raw material may contain minor imperfections, which result of the production process of our supplier.

After welding, we use steel wool to finish our frames. This helps to remove small scratches that can occur during our production process. Since this needs almost some time, we have decided to make no difference in the price of our raw frames.

Of course, you can’t get every scratch out of the raw material. But because of this small imperfections the frame is not less valuable or should be sorted out for that reason. It would be very contrary to our idea of sustainability.

By the way : After a season full of riding, you can use some steel wool to finish the frame again. With new decals on, the frame looks shiny and new again!

You need spares?

Should you ever need a replacement chainstay protector or a new axle, then please check our category Accessories –> Parts or follow the link below to the Spares.


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