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Crossworx DASH290 – Bike – SnowStealth Edition

The Crossworx Dash290 – 155 mm Enduro – Made in Germany! Handcrafted Bike for Trail- and Enduro-Riding.

For the delivery and assembly of a complete bike we need only about 1 to 2 weeks.

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Online Forum

The Crossworx Dash is the first enduro-fully of the small Thuringian bike manufacturer Crossworx Cycles, which has a direct start made to measure. The chic aluminium bike not only attracts attention with its appealing lines and the sophisticated rear end design, but can also convince with excellent riding characteristics. Especially the sensitive rear end, which generates a lot of traction and smooth running, was able to inspire us. If you are looking for a German-made enduro bike that you don’t see on every corner, the Crossworx Dash is a hot new candidate.

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BIKE - Das Mountainbike Magazin

BIKE - Das Mountainbike Magazin


„Even the first glance of the Dash underlines the consistently unique approach that the Thuringians are pursuing with their 27.5-inch enduro. Not only the production in Germany, but also the design of the supported single-pivot makes the frame with 163 millimeters of suspension travel very special.“...
„The absolute rigidity (61 Nm/mm) of the aluminium frame is also impressive.

Optics, rear end and handling of the Dash are absolutely impressive and make you really happy on the trail. This makes the Enduro from Thuringia very confident despite its small wheels.“

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