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CrossWorxCycles – Manufactured performance

Handmade aluminum frame from the green heart of Germany, modern
Geometries and riding characteristics and of course passion. These are our ingredients for
your new bike from CrossWorx, handmade in Germany.
Performance and emotion since 2019, trail, enduro & downhill approved!


The Team

Chris Reichling

Chris Reichling

CEO & Co-Founder | Development & Production

Ruben Goinar

Ruben Goinar

Production | Welding | Assembly

Kevin Dewinski

Kevin Dewinski


Toni Gipser

Toni Gipser

Production | Assembly

Our History

The CrossworxCycles GmbH – a look in the past

Born out of our love for mountain biking and the goal to create products that are fun and push your limits, we founded CrossworxCycles GmbH in 2019. With many years of experience in design and development of models, we simply wanted to go our own way and realize our ideas of a bike. But let’s tell you our whole story.

The founders Kevin Dewinski (better known as Kiwi) and Chris Reichling met during their studies at the technical university of Ilmenau. The 200 meter distance between both student apartments was the starting point for daily bike rides.
In this time, downhill bikes were still a thing and were used to pedal those many kilometers to the next local trails.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Chris was already working in the bike industry for several bike brands and later on for Nicolai Bikes. At the same time, Kiwi was completely addicted to racing. The weekends were full of racing national and international races and the passion to get back on the top spot of the podium.

During this time, both were riding or working for the Lübbrechtsen-based bike brand Nicolai Bikes.
At this point, we want to say a hughe thank you to Nicolai Bikes and all those people there.
If you ever think of Made in Germany and Bikes, there is quiet no chance to come past Nicolai Bikes. Nicolai stands for almost 3 decades for great bikes and quality. We are really glad we were part of this company! Thanks at this point for all those opportunities to develop ourselves professionally, as well as personally.

In Lübbrechtsen, Chris developed the models that Kiwi would later test with the Gates Nicolai team on the UCI Downhill worldcup and several national and international races. An exciting time for us both.
After a few more years as a developer in the bike industry and the know-how about manufacturing processes in Asia, we definitely had no other choice than starting a german based production. It always was our dream to produce frames
in our own workshop, where we can see and feel the quality of our frames and of course optimize our bikes to the max.

So we finally came to the decision to manufacture the frames ourselves in Germany. Made in Germany, with the necessary care and precision of course, but with our own ideas and visions is our motivation! The first frames were created in a tiny room in th cellar. Tubes were cut to the correct size, frames were spotwelded and finally welded. After assembly we directly sent them into a 2-year field test to see what our bikes were capable of.

The bikes were tested by different riders under the toughest conditions on various European and alpine trails and track. During those the feedback on our bikes was still overwhelming. During tests and at events, the Dash was always an eyecatcher.

So it was obvious that we have to make our Dash and future further models available to the public. But before we could put our words into action, we decided to change our name to CrossworxCycles GmbH in December 2019. Our first own production facility initially consisted of a 36 square meter, two-story garage directly located to Chris’s home. The first funds flowed into the expansion of our machine fleet and useful tools for frame building had to be developed and built, so that we could start completely self-sufficient in our own frame production.

After just 1.5 years, our old workshop still got way to small. We needed a bigger space. So we moved out of the garage in July 2021 and moved into our current production facility. From 36sqm² became 160sqm², separated areas for office and production / separate assembly rooms and a parts warehouse make our new headquarters an ideal production facility.

Our team has been slowly growing ever since. We have great people on board who are just as enthusiastic about cycling as we are. That makes us very proud.
By the way: We have several technical mountainbike trails right on our doorstep.
Perfect test conditions for the further development and testing of our frames and of course for relaxed test rides with our customers.

Our Philosphy

Crossworx & our environment

To develop a bicycle frame requires a lot of know-how and heart and soul, but of course also machine support and lot of hours in the workshop.
All this can be obtained overseas at much more favorable conditions, but this is not our approach.
We want to give something back to our region, inspire people, create jobs, minimize the ecological footprint of our products and, of course, make our contribution to a better environment.

The entire supply chain is designed for high sustainability and quality and is almost completely in our own hands. Local suppliers and short distances reduce our CO2 emissions as well. We are strengthen the economy right on our doorstep with always looking for local suppliers.

Manufacturing the frames here in Thuringia has many advantages for us. It helps to create our very own products and thus generate short delivery times, not least because we have also chosen our suppliers wisely. Some of our suppliers are only a few minutes away by bike.
This is the only way we can deliver the quality of German manufacturing. Everything in our own hands.

Our Production

Design, materials & production processes

We love aluminum, we love timeless designs and products that generate customer value over time. For that reason we build our frames on large tube diameters, well dimensioned & durable bearings, chic detail solutions for  and a timeless geometry. This is also reflected in our signature.

In our eyes, aluminum is the most suitable material for the production of our durable bikes.

Every frame is manufactured with all of our car. Our processes, from tube cutting to stapling the frame, are designed for enormous repeatability, so that in the end a frame has the geometry we planned. Stable processes are simply important to us.

But even more important: We only want one thing, more time on the bike and of course the new bike should also last us over a long time, perhaps even be the last bike. For this, every frame deserves our full attention and the highest quality.

With sporty greetings

The entire Crossworx team!

Ready for a

Do you want to test our bikes and go for a testride around Rudolstadt?

Then contact us in advance and we will make an appointment with a date proposal for your visit.

You can test ride our bikes at our headquarters.
And of course if you are interested, you can have a short look into our workshop.

Send us a message! We answer immediately.

    Team support

    Racing is not just a hobby for us – it’s a passion.
    We have always been infected with the racing virus and have been in the racing circus ourselves for years.
    From local Enduro races to Downhill World Cups and EWS races, we have been able to gain a lot of experience.

    For this reason, it was only a matter of time before we had to set up our own factory team.
    The Crossworx RADT consists of Jonas Hohmann, Erik Schreiter, Benjamin Herold and Erik Fickelscheer this season.
    A team that of course represents us on a national and international level, but also puts our bikes through their paces.
    Racing is all about seconds. A frame must be able to take a lot of punishment, should give the rider a safe feeling and
    basically perform well.
    So nearly no tests are better than racing against the clock!

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