FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Delivery Time

How long does it takes to deliver a frame?

All stock frames are available in the color Radiant Raw within 5-7 business days. Stock frames delivered in standard or custom colors may take approximately 10-15 business days, with the frame requiring around 10 business days for painting.

If your frame is temporarily out of stock, we will build the frame for you so that you don’t have to wait long. After the frame is constructed, the aforementioned delivery times apply. We are happy to keep you informed about the status of your order in the meantime. Feel free to email us as needed.

This applies to all our models.

How long does is take to deliver a bike?

We have a large inventory of parts and can also deliver complete bikes very quickly.

For the delivery of complete bikes:

  • All complete bikes in Raw are available within 7-10 business days.
  • Complete bikes that require painting take approximately 12-17 business days.

All parts in the configurator are either in stock or available shortly. If there is a shortage in parts availability, we will inform you in advance. We always plan with a sufficient parts inventory so that we can act quickly and flexibly. This way, you’ll be on the saddle in no time.

This applies to all our models.

Parts that are not listed in our configurator are ordered specifically for you. These may potentially extend the delivery time of the complete bike.

Shipping or picking up at store

Do you ship world wide?

We ship worldwide! All shipments outside of Germany also receive additional transport protection. Shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process and automatically added to your order.


How much will shipping cost?

The shipping costs are calculated differently depending on the destination country and product. We categorize into a total of 4 zones:

  1. Germany
  2. All countries within the EU
  3. All other European countries
  4. Rest of the World

You can find the exact shipping costs on the “Shipping Costs” page.


Can I pick up my bike or frame instore?

We also offer the option to pick up your frame at our headquarters after placing an order.

A small note: As a frame manufacturer, we mostly have all models in stock. However, the final finishing, application of decals, and assembly of parts occur after your order. This flexibility is necessary to allow us to coat your frame with your preferred color if needed.

Therefore, we always require a short lead time for pickups. When the frame is ready, we will, of course, notify you.

How does picking up at your store look like?

Your new bike can be picked up directly at our workshop in our headquarters. Our bikes receive a basic setup based on size and average body weight immediately after assembly.

If you prefer, we can work with you to establish a basic setup for your new bike or explain nuances and details about our bikes. Everyone has a different skill level or mechanical knowledge. Do you need a more extensive introduction to the bike or tips and tricks for setting up your bike?

In that case, please don’t hesitate to specifically ask us and pose your questions! We’re more than happy to assist you and will take the time needed to address your concerns.

I selected shipping - what do I need to consider during the assembly of the bike?

Your dream bike will be delivered in a complete bike box. For cost-optimized shipping, the wheels, cockpit, and derailleur are disassembled again after assembly. Please proceed with the assembly as follows:

  1. Remove the bike from the box.
  2. Mount the front wheel and rear wheel.
  3. Attach the handlebar to the stem.
  4. Install the derailleur on the bike.

This applies to the models RIDE / ZERO / DASH.

My bike has been damaged during transportation - what should I do?

We package your new bike in a way that it should arrive safely in any case. If, however, our shipping service does cause damage, please report it immediately upon receiving the package and contact us. We will then discuss the next steps together and initiate a claim with our shipping provider.

If a component is missing from my delivery, could it have been overlooked?

If this situation should occur, we apologize in advance!

It’s important to note that we have a robust inventory management system, and potential errors are quickly identified. At CrossWorx, we have a team of individuals who, in case of any doubt, are already thinking about their next bike ride.

If this situation arises, we will promptly deliver the missing component. Simply contact us.


Do you offer Bikeleasing / Jobrad?

Of Course! Bike leasing is not only a great feature for employee retention but also a smart way to acquire your desired bicycle more cost-effectively and affordably than usual.

Similar to leasing a company car, you pay a monthly rate and, in return, get to ride your Crossworx bike. After 3 years, you have the option to either buy out your bike from the contract or return it. The ability to deduct input tax also saves you money in this arrangement.

If your employer is listed with one of the following service providers, we would be happy to offer you a Crossworx complete bike through this concept. Additionally, you can, of course, use your Crossworx bike privately and for your sporting activities.

Currently, we already offer the following bike leasing options:

If you want to know about the process with your bike leasing provider, please check the FAQs specific to your bike leasing provider.

If you can't find your leasing provider among our options, what can you do?

We already have several leasing providers on board. If your employer has a leasing partner that is not yet listed with us, please send us a quick email. We will reach out to the leasing partner and work to promptly establish a cooperation agreement, allowing us to offer you your desired bike through your leasing provider.

What is the process if I want to lease my new bike through you?

In the first step, you select your future Crossworx complete bike on our website. Please clarify any specific requests with us beforehand.

The resulting quote forms the basis for the loan agreement. Depending on the provider, the quote can be submitted by us or by you on the respective leasing platform. You finalize this loan agreement with your employer.

Once everything is settled and signed between you and your employer, you proceed with the purchase from us as part of the company bike leasing.

Once your bike is ready, it will be shipped to you, or you can pick it up in person from us.

My desired bike is more expensive than the maximum value allowed in the leasing - are there any options?

Often, there is the option to pay the difference between the bike’s purchase price and the maximum allowable leasing amount from your own pocket. For this, you should have a brief conversation with your employer and inquire about the conditions with the leasing service provider. If needed, we can provide you with separate invoices for upgrades, ensuring that any company bike limit is not exceeded.

Guarantee and return

How long is your warranty period?

You have a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. However, even after this period, you are not alone. In case of any issues, we will still assist you. Please contact us through the contact form in any case.


Do you guys have a Crash Replacement?

Crashes are a part of our sport. In the event that your frame is damaged and cannot be ridden, we offer you a Crash Replacement. Below are the conditions for the Crash Replacement:

The offer is valid 2 years from the date of purchase. The Crash Replacement is non-transferable and limited to the original buyer.

The following conditions apply to the Crash Replacement:

• Wear and tear parts are not covered by Crash Replacement (e.g., bearings, seals, etc.)

• Cosmetic defects are not covered by Crash Replacement

• The frame/bike was not intentionally damaged

• The description of the (accident) incident corresponds to the damage pattern

In the event that the Crash Replacement applies to you, we will send you an offer. If you choose to use our Crash Replacement service, your damaged product automatically becomes our property.

At this point, we would like to point out that a switch to another model is not possible.

We are happy to assemble your new frame in our service department, and this conversion is subject to a charge. We will provide you with an offer and get in touch with you. The return of your bike will be done as quickly as possible after order approval and subsequent processing.

Have you had a crash and are unsure if your frame has been affected? Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with a brief description and the reason for your concerns. We will get back to you promptly!

Can I also take out insurance for my bike with you?


Since January 1, 2024, we have been partnering with Wertgarantie Insurance.

If you opt for bike leasing, there are also offerings related to theft protection, inspections, and wear parts, depending on the service provider. We are happy to provide guidance and advice on these matters as well!

Bikes & Parts

How much is the total system weight for your bikes?

The permissible total weight for our models is 120 kilograms. Most models are already tested in simulations with a system weight of 130 kilograms.

If your weight significantly exceeds the system weight, we can certainly help. For instance, by using thicker tube sets, we can create significantly more robust frames, allowing for higher system weights.

How much is the total system weight for your RIDE280?

The permissible total weight for our RIDE 280 is 130 kilograms.

This includes the rider, clothing, mounted hardware and mounted equipment like luggage.

If your weight significantly exceeds the system weight, we can certainly help. For instance, by using thicker tube sets, we can create significantly more robust frames, allowing for higher system weights.

Is it possible to order my dream Crossworx at a local dealer?

We have a number of dealers offering our frames or complete bikes. You can find them HERE.

In general, any dealer can order a frame or a complete bike from us. Just talk to your dealer about your desired Crossworx product and ask them to contact us. We will then work together with your dealer to take care of everything.

We don’t have minimum order quantities for new dealers, making the start of a partnership as uncomplicated as possible.

The total weight of our Bikes.

Our frames and bikes are made of aluminum and are designed to accompany you for as long as possible, including considerations for maintenance.

To ensure that your Crossworx can accompany you on many kilometers, the frames are designed accordingly.

Depending on their intended use, the hardtail frames weigh around 2kg in size L with all attachments such as chainstay protection and axle, while the full-suspension frames weigh approximately 4kg without the shock absorber.

Our complete bikes are, in some cases, even lighter in build than equivalently equipped carbon bikes with the same intended use and wheel size.

Is it possible to do a testride??

If you’re eager to ride a Crossworx to solidify your decision, there are two ways to do so.

You can follow us on Instagram and stay informed about bike festivals and test events we participate in.

If you prefer, you can also visit us at our headquarters and take a guided test ride with us. Please contact us via the contact form on our website to arrange a date, and we will coordinate accordingly. One of our team members will accompany you to provide the best possible testing experience.

Do you offer frame sets?

Each model can be ordered as a frame kit or complete bike, with or without a shock. Depending on the model, we also offer common components such as wheels, seatposts, and headsets as options in the configurator.

Simply click on “Choose Kit” or “Configure Model” on the model page, and all the options will be displayed.

I have some extra wishes for my Crossworx Bike!

If you desire a specific geometry, prefer more robust tube sets, or would like to ride a gearbox, it is possible to order a custom frame from us. We would be happy to explain the additional cost and the possibilities to you personally. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Where to find the user manual?

The user manual ist part of your parcel.


What does costume color mean?

You have the option to have your Crossworx coated in your desired color. We offer a few classic options, which you can also find on the website.

In general, you can choose any RAL Classic tones in matte or glossy finishes. Simply let us know your preference during the ordering process.

How does your quality assurance process look like?

We want you to have a lot of fun with your bike. Therefore, we assemble pedals on your bike and roll it a few meters to check the functionality of all components, suspension, and gears. We follow the 4-eye principle during this process.

Nevertheless, we recommend that, especially after assembling the bike or after the first few kilometers, you check all screws again according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In our production process, we maintain high-quality standards, and our processes are designed with fixtures to achieve extremely high repeatability. This reduces errors in the process and ensures consistent quality.

The representation of the product in the configurator differs from the designation? What is the reason for this?

We include product photos from our partner manufacturers for the components in our configurator. Particularly, for the cockpit (stem, handlebar), there are various lengths and configurations. Usually, manufacturers provide only one product photo as an example. The key information is always the product designation beneath the photo.

Please make sure to review your configuration during the checkout process. If there is a misselection, we are happy to make corrections at this stage.

Do you offer tubeless?

It is generally not a problem to convert the wheels and tires to tubeless, including the addition of sealant, before shipping. Unfortunately, we have found that sometimes it takes a few rides for the tires, rims, and sealant to settle in and become completely airtight.

If, during shipping, the tire becomes unsealed, there is a possibility that the entire box, including the bike, could be affected by sealant. Therefore, we have decided against this practice in the future. However, if you wish to convert to tubeless yourself, please feel free to contact us. We can prepare the wheels with tubeless tape during assembly and also provide you with tubeless valves.


How can I pay?

We offer Klarna and Paypal, the two most popular payment providers, on board with various payment options (installment purchase, payment after 30 days, etc.). Additionally, you can also pay with a traditional bank transfer.

When do I have to pay?

The payment is due within a period of 7 days after receiving the invoice. We start the production of your bike immediately after the payment is received.

Do you offer Installment payment?

Through our payment service providers Paypal and Klarna, you can also opt for installment payments. Please note the maximum amounts for installment payments per payment service provider:

Paypal: €5000

Klarna: €5000

I am interested in partial financing (50% bank transfer / 50% installment payment). Is that possible?

You want to finance a part and make a partial payment? No problem, if needed, we can offer this. It also works if your bike exceeds the credit limit. Please discuss your request with us before the quoting process, and we will find an individual solution.

How much does my Crossworx will coast in my country?

Different countries may have different tax rates, or the tax may be due upon import in the country through us.

If our configurator does not correctly detect your country of origin, please configure your model, add it to the cart, and specify your country there. You will receive the final price for your desired bike there.

If you have any questions about export, duties, or similar matters, feel free to reach out to us anytime!


How are Crossworx frames are manufactured?

All our frames are manufactured in Rudolstadt (Thuringia). Our milled parts, among others, come directly from Saalfeld, just around the corner. We prepare the tube sets in-house and weld each frame by hand on our frame fixtures. Subsequently, there is a heat treatment in our oven. Frames that are going to be painted leave our production facility once again before all the necessary components are assembled back with us. For all activities that we currently do not carry out in-house, we have chosen careful suppliers and partners in our vicinity.

Wich frame size is right for me?

The selection of the appropriate frame size depends on various factors such as height, inseam length, riding style, and personal preferences. To find the right frame size for you, you can refer to our guidelines in the geometry table and the reach value of your current bike.

If you are still unsure, the best option is to test sit on one of our demo bikes. If a test ride is not possible, we are happy to assist you.

The frame size table for each model is intended as a guide and may vary based on individual preferences.

correct inseam length

  • Prepare measuring tools: tape measure, level
  • Remove your clothing, keep your underwear on
  • Stand straight against a door/wall and position the level horizontally between your legs Measure to the very top.
  • Note that the inseam length does not affect how you stand in a saddle later, so measure all the way to the top.
  • Record the length from the floor to the top edge of the level If necessary, get help with reading the measurement.
  • The determined value corresponds to your inseam length.

Wich seat tube length is correct?

Thanks to hydraulic seat posts, seat tubes no longer need to be very long. However, not every travel of a seat post can be used in every frame. Here’s a quick example of what you should consider:

  • First, multiply your inseam length by the factor 0.885

This shows your theoretically seating high with parallel cranks. If you want to know how long your cranks should be:

  • multiply your inseam length by 1.09
  • Subtract the previously determined result of the seating height from this result. You will obtain your theoretical crank arm length.

Now it is time to find your Seat tube length.

Take the seat tube length of the respective size (you can find this in the geometry data of our models)

+  add Crank length

+ Seat post insertion depth

+ Saddle construction on seat post

– Pedal height

= max. seat extension

By adding these values, you get the maximum possible seat extension. This way, you’ll know if the frame would generally fit you based on the measured inseam length and what travel your seat post can have.

How to adjust SAG?

We recommend a SAG of 25-27% as a starting point for our DASH models. For our more agile LITE models, we recommend a SAG of 20-25%, depending on how actively you ride.

You should adjust the SAG for both the shock and fork in the same position, either both standing or both sitting.

Inflate the shock to the necessary PSI for your weight according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Sit or stand on the bike. If you don’t have a way to secure the bike, have someone hold it steady. Release the brakes so that the wheels don’t affect the measurement due to existing friction. Carefully dismount the bike and measure the distance from the SAG ring to the seal on the shock body. The measured value divided by the maximum travel of the shock gives you your existing SAG. Repeat the procedure until the desired SAG is achieved.

Many manufacturers also provide excellent instructions that prescribe a good baseline for air pressure, rebound, and compression based on your weight. This is tremendously helpful in finding a suitable setup.

Various Questions

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please find our terms and conditions right here.

Payment Methods