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CrossWorx RIDE280 Craftdays Project Silberpfeil

Another Year – another Beer, I mean Bike

The Craft Bike Days 2023 powered by DT Swiss initially have nothing to do with the craft beer scene. Instead, it revolves around exchange and networking among small manufacturers from across Europe who handcraft their bike frames by themselves.

This year’s event was once again excellently organized and planned. Thanks to DT Swiss, MTB News, and Ergon.

The location was different. Do you know the city that doesn’t exist? Exactly, Bielefeld.

11/2023, Bielefeld

Craft Days 2023

CrossWorx RIDE280 Longdistance Gravel bike

An Idea become a Gravelbike

The starting point for this Gravelbike build was the desire for a Gravelbike suitable for rides ranging from 20 to 200 km. The challenge lay in the nature of the tours. It’s not entirely a mountain bike and it’s not purely gravel either. Eight out of ten ascents have gradients exceeding 15%, and the terrain isn’t always smooth road.

10/2023, Thüringer Wald

Check the bike build

UCI Downhill Worldcup in Lenzerheide

For those who know us, “We love Downhill” is no secret. We have our roots in downhill and have been on several World Cup circuits ourselves in the past. Countless race weekends across multiple continents and countries, on and off the track, have certainly shaped us.

After dedicating ourselves to frame building, it has always been our dream to unleash our bikes on the World Cup tracks of the world.

Join the CrossWorx RADT factory team at the Lenzerheide Downhill World Cup.

07/2023, Lenzerheide

Read the Weltcup-Story

Dirtmasters Festival 2023

This year, the CrossWorxCycles team was almost fully represented at the IXS Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg. After what felt like an eternity without events and trade shows, we recently made our exhibitor debut at the Winterberg Dirtmasters Festival with an entirely new booth.

We had the opportunity to showcase our bikes to interested individuals from around the world in a somewhat quieter pedestrian zone.

05/2023, Winterberg

Zum Festival

DT Swiss Craft Bike Days 2022

Wow! What an event. We showcased our Craft Edition with the latest Intend Parts, eye-catching Onza Porc’s, DT Swiss wheels, and other premium components. An absolute eye-catcher, and especially in combination with the Cerakote coating, it stood out even at an event like the Craft Days.

Check out the story and, most importantly, our LITE290 Special for the DT Swiss Craft Days!

The "Craft Days" LITE290...

CrossWorx Crew Ride

We are a group of people who have loved cycling since our childhood, spending exclusively positive moments on bikes (Well, okay – injuries are part of the game and maybe not quite so positive). But that’s just how it goes.

It’s our passion to be on the bike, to optimize the bike, and to create great products. As part of the deal, it’s always a good practice to go for a ride together from time to time.

We at CrossWorx...

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