CrossWorx RIDE280 - CRAFT DAYS 2023 | Bielefeld

Another Year - another Beer, I mean Bike

The Craft Bike Days 2023 powered by DT Swiss initially have nothing to do with the craft beer scene. Instead, it revolves around exchange and networking among small manufacturers from across Europe who handcraft their bike frames by themselves.

This year’s event was once again excellently organized and planned. Thanks to DT Swiss, MTB News, and Ergon.

The location was different. Do you know the city that doesn’t exist? Exactly, Bielefeld.

The Lenkwerk provided a suitable venue to showcase the beautiful bikes. Normally, this is where the expensive and rarely seen luxury cars of car collectors are parked.

For this year, we brought along our first ever gravelbike, the RIDE280. Not just as a standard build, but as a “Silberpfeil”. It was amusing how well it matched the car theme of the location, although that was more of a coincidence.

Well integrated!

We love handmade and pure aluminum and both are not just buzzwords for us. In addition, the Craft Days always bring a truly extraordinary vibe for us.
So the time was ripe again for a special custom build in an area that was still relatively unknown to us, of course always with our familiar touch of MTB in it.

Why not show what our gravel bike can handle? Said and done. The Silberpfeil now has the option to attach luggage racks both front and rear. A hub dynamo provides the necessary power for the Supernova lighting system, seamlessly integrated into the bike’s look. All the silver parts from Ritchey also contribute to a classic aesthetic. Seating and gripping are taken care of by an Ergon saddle, and they also provide the handlebar tape. A hand-built wheelset glides over paths and through forests, and when the terrain gets steeper or the luggage gets heavier, the SRAM transmission drivetrain with a wide range of gears helps to conquer the mountain.

Cheers to the Rennrad News Crew for the pictures!

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